Work on Areas of Weakness

  • Posted on: 16 July 2014
  • By: dinnitkadmin

Once you have list of topics which needs preparation, you will face two challanges:

  • Finding and studying documentation and knowledge resources for the topics

  • Finding enough practical case studies covering the topics from which to learn


To work on Areas of Weakness of Site Building:

To do:

  • Review 3-5 Drupal Projects

  • Review Content Type, Field Settings, Display Settings, Vocabularies, Blocks, Menus, Views on the Site

Ask Questions:

  • Why are the configurations the way they are?

  • ŽŽWhat can be changed or improved?

  • What are the issues or support requests raised by the client?

  • ŽŽWhat changes were made to the initial configurations and why?


To work on Areas of Weakness of Front-End development

To do:

  • Find and Review Custom Themes or Popular Contributed Thems / Default Themes

  • If possible, go through Source Design or Wireframes

  • Review Templates (.tpl), CSS (.css), Javascript (.js) files

  • Review Pre-Process functions implemented by thems

Ask Questions:

  • Is the theme implemented exactly per the designs? If not, what changes were needed and why?

  • Are theme regions optimum? Is there any redundancy?

  • ŽŽAre there any theme settings?

  • ŽŽHow are CSS and JavaScript files called in the theme?

  • Are there any preprocess functions used? Why?


To work on Areas of Weakness of Back End Development:

To do:

  • Understandings of Drupal API's

  • Understandings of Core Hook Systems

  • Understandings of Applications of API's and Hooks

Ask Questions: