Acquia Certification : Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses (Self-assessment)

  • Posted on: 16 July 2014
  • By: dinnitkadmin

If you are well experince Drupaler, you will know your weakness than your strength. It might possible you might be expert or good in one domain but relatevely might not have hands on expereince on some of the topics from other domains mentioned in preveious post.

Its better to go through self assesment excel sheet provided by Acquia, have a look at the attachment given in post. It is recommended to do perform a skills and expertise self-analysis with respect to the domains and topics listed in the blueprint.

  • The blueprint lists test objectives (topics) for each domain

  • Rank your skills on a scale of 0 to 10 against each test objective

  • 0 for absolutely zero knowledge or exposure

  • 10 for complete mastery

  • Topics with 8+ score are your strengths

  • Topics with a score of 5 to 7 will require you to do some preparation

  • Topics below 5 will require you do a lot of preparation or guided instruction